A New Approach To Healthcare

At King Chiropractic we address the cause of your pain, not just the symptoms. We believe that education is a big part of your success. Call today!

A New Approach To Healthcare

At King Chiropractic we address the cause of your pain, not just the symptoms. We believe that education is a big part of your success. Call today!

Chiropractor Wilmington NC

Welcome to King Chiropractic located in Wilmington, NC. At King Chiropractic we drive optimal health and wellness for our patients…period. With so many options for health care out there, we understand that your time is valuable and choosing the right provider can be difficult, so we make choosing easy by providing you with the best care at an affordable price for you and your family. Our Wilmington chiropractor can and wants to help you and your family achieve better health today!

Welcome to King Chiropractic

My office is located inside CORA Pt., which is nestled between Epic Food Co. and Home Again in the Forum shopping center. The Forum sits across the street from Mayfaire.

I decided to become a chiropractor in Wilmington, NC because I was helped with chiropractic care following a significant lower back injury in high school. Thanks to chiropractic I was able to avoid surgery and I decided that my calling would be to help my community attain better quality health through natural chiropractic care. So, I turned my long-time dream of helping patients in my hometown of Wilmington into a reality.


Whether you live in the area or are here on vacation, if you need your power turned back on, we are dedicated to delivering the same quality chiropractic adjustment that we provide to our own family. Many people think that chiropractic is about neck and back pain, but actually, chiropractic is about life and health and we want to bring both to you and your family at an affordable price.

In short, we hope that we are a good fit for your health needs. Because we value our patients time as much as our own, we simply promise to give you top-notch focused, chiropractic care. If we can help we will tell you and if we can't help we will tell you that too. That is the King Chiropractic difference. Call our office at (910) 777-7228 to schedule your first appointment!

Dr. Rhett King


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Common Symptoms Chiropractic May Help


Chiropractic care has a long history of successfully treating headaches and migraines.

back pain

If you are living with chronic back pain then chiropractic care might be a good treatment option.

neck pain

Understanding neck pain is necessary in acquiring treatment that will be effective in recovery.

carpal tunnel

Many people are finding long-term relief through chiropractic treatment at CLINIC NAME*.


The majority of car accidents are rear-end collisions with whiplash being a common result.


A condition that causes pain in the lower back, down the back of the leg, and into the foot.


Working with King Chiropractic will make a difference in your health


What sets our office apart from other chiropractic offices in Wilmington is our patient-centered approach to health and wellness. Our mission is to provide the same focused, personal, quality chiropractic care to our community that we give to our own family.


Some common misconceptions about chiropractic care are that chiropractic is about neck pain, back pain and headaches and that they must return forever. Although symptoms are commonly resolved using chiropractic care, this is not the main reason to visit a chiropractor. Chiropractic is about life and health. We seek to help patients increase their quality of life so that they not only feel better they actually are better because they are working at peak performance, peak life. Also, you can choose to participate in chiropractic care as long as you want to receive the benefits of chiropractic care. Your only commitments are to yours and your family's health.