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The Daily Adjustment 59 – I Don’t Trust Chiropractors, Change My Mind

The Daily Adjustment 59 – I Don’t Trust Chiropractors, Change My Mind

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Merry Christmas everybody! Look, under the tree, Santa brought a new podcast! On this week’s episode we grapple with an online skeptic (aka a Grinch) who made a post on reddit titled “Change my mind: I don’t trust Chiropractors”. We talk about the nature of bias and then have a discussion about why generally speaking, chiropractors are worth your trust when it comes to treating pain.

  • 0:00 – Sponsor message: King Chiropractic
  • 3:36 – The end of the beer of the week segment
  • 5:22 – Glove & Boots
  • 10:47 – To vaccinate or not to vaccinate?
  • 16:05 – Propylene Glycol is in yoga mats!
  • 18:19 – People can’t wait to tell Ben to stop drinking Diet Coke
  • 21:10 – Acidic vs alkaline body environment
  • 22:26 – JP Sears
  • 27:28 – The point of all of this discussion is that it’s extremely common for people to reach their conclusion and then go in search of evidence to support their beliefs rather than go look for the data and then formulate their conclusions based on the data.
  • 34:26 – The giant cow is a lie
  • 40:29 – Good Calories Bad Calories by Gary Taubes
  • 47:35 – Change my mind: I don’t trust Chiropractors
  • 65:50 – The return of Showerthoughts!
  • 69:58 – We want to hear from you! Send us an email with your questions, comments, snide remarks, or jokes to

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