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The Daily Adjustment 58 – How Dangerous is Chiropractic Care?

The Daily Adjustment 58 – How Dangerous is Chiropractic Care?

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In a new twist for us, we recorded this podcast in the middle of the day at Dr. King’s office. Because of that, there’s no Beer of the Week this week. We probably should have picked up some Near Beer just to keep the theme going but we’re not that clever.

Let’s talk about the dangers of chiropractic care. We came across this thread on reddit that discussed a review of bad outcomes from getting a chiropractic adjustment. Listening to the folks in the thread you’d think that people were routinely having strokes at the chiropractor’s office. Nothing could be further from the truth. In this episode, Dr. King addresses the dangers of chiropractic care head on and puts the risk in better perspective.

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