3 Reasons To Start The Deadlift From a Wilmington Chiropractor

How Does Strength Training Improve Back Pain in Wilmington NC?

3 Reasons To Start The Deadlift

Deadlifts sometimes get a bad rap, but they are a safe, effective exercise for strength training. The natural movement of deadlifts trains the entire body and is a good exercise for pretty much everyone. Let’s look more closely.

1. Deadlifts are a Safe Exercise
Deadlifts are a basic, natural exercise, just like lifting any object off the ground. They’re great training for picking up kids’ toys, dropped snacks, and other lifting requirements of daily life. And the deadlift is safer than picking up, say, a box of paper at the office.

That’s because the barbell is lifted over the body’s center of balance, the feet. Keeping the barbell centered over mid-foot as you lift means the load won’t exert leverage on your balance. The mechanically efficient, correctly performed deadlift keeps the back in extension, allowing for some amazing weight records—more than 1,000 pounds for men!

2. Deadlifts Train Many Muscle Groups
This basic exercise trains your whole body. The extended back muscles, the abdominals, all core muscles, and the hips and legs are all required for a successful deadlift. That means you are training and strengthening all these muscles and muscle groups with one exercise.

Rather than training isolated individual muscles with targeted lifts, the deadlift strengthens each muscle in coordination with those around it, in a movement the body performs in real life. It’s strength training you can really use.

3. Deadlifts Increase Strength through Progressive Overload
One of the advantages of the deadlift is the ability to add considerable loads slowly over a period of time. You’ve probably noticed that smaller muscle group lifts can stall in progress—you can go no further. But if you start with a light weight that’s easy to handle and increase gradually, you can keep adding a few pounds to your deadlift for a long period of time. Eventually—who knows?—you may approach that record 1,000 pounds.

Find a coach to start your deadlift program. Correct form will keep stress off any single joint or muscle, while providing you with a great natural exercise that makes you stronger every day.

King Chiropractic Is Part of Your Training Program
It’s possible to overdo deadlifts, especially before you learn the proper form by muscle memory. In case of an injury, or simply to grow your results and ease any pain, stiffness, or injury, call King Chiropractic in Wilmington at (910) 777-7228. We specialize in maximizing your potential in weightlifting and other sports and our aim is to get you back to the barbells as soon as possible.

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