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Custom Orthotics in Wilmington NC

Sole Supports are full contact custom orthotic insoles that actually change the way a person walks. Benefits include:

  • Reductions in chronic foot and lower back pain resulting from flat feet

  • Excellent support for patients who spend long hours on their feet

  • Positive changes in gait and performance

King Chiropractic Custom Orthotic Insoles

Custom orthotics from King Chiropractic are made for full contact in the arch so they actually do change the way you walk. They don’t simply support a dysfunctional foot like store bought and other athletic insole brands. Patients and athletes who use our custom orthotics consistently see huge improvements in gate economy, performance and functionality in their joints in addition to relief of their symptoms.

The ability to offer truly custom orthotic insoles is critical to our offering a foundational-based chiropractic practice. Custom orthotic insoles make make correcting the spine and pelvis so much easier and allow chiropractic adjustments to last much longer.

If you have any specific questions please give our Wilmington, NC chiropractic office a call at (910) 777-7228 or click here to send us a message.

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Written by Dr. Rhett King